We emphasize that Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapy is one of the ancient medicine. Meridians of each human body have thousands of points. All this of meridian points just need a pair of hands to press and can treat over hundreds of diseases. It is also play an important role for health care, anti-aging. In our daily life, most people busy with work and lead to diseases such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension, mental illness, disorders and etc. The number of patients increase year by year.

Life stress, pressure, depressed mood and other areas will result in their own meridian blockage and accumulative will develop into serious diseases. Through the meridian acupoint therapy can clear the blockage to reconcile qi and blood, yin and yang balancing. This can make our mind to rest after that our body can release the pressure. So this can prevent serious of diseases.

Apart from the above, acupressure can tread female physiological problems such as menstrual disorders, menopause, vaginal bleeding, menstrual pain and so on. These all female physiology diseases are the common problems of women in current society. After acupoint care, you can help the body to reconcile the yin and yang and detoxification. Taoist meridian acupoint therapy use specific acupressure in different disease can achieved good results.



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