White Dental Cosmetic Centre (WDCC) was an assemblage of dentists who are interested in different fields of dental expertise and medical health but with a same goal in mind. We believe in treating everyone we consulted as a whole. In the last decades, people were seeing dentists just to treat their complained sites or symptoms without treating the root cause of the problem. Thus, the problems may recur or exaggerate into a severe form where it is evitable if the main source was dealt with previously. In WDCC, you are given a chance to know your teeth and your health. Your initial complaint would be dealt with as priority. Besides that, you would be given a full consultation of your oral condition and possible implications to your health if any. Besides treating you, we would also teach you how to prevent the same occurrences.

Our goal is to help you achieve good dental health without any treatment necessary in years to come. Our treatment principles are to save and maintain as many natural teeth as we can and we would plan your treatment as if your teeth are ours. Fortunately for us, our patients are usu ally more committed to their oral hygiene practices after detailed advices and encouragement. Thus, we are blessed to witness more and more successful cases regaining sturdy dental functions and confident smile. We hope you could be the next confident, dental treatment free ambassador of WDCC!

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