Terimee was established in 1997 and Dr Hankker was established in 2018,with 23 years and 16 years of experience in market management,persistent to seek for the field of aesthetic with no injection,no surgery,zero risk.in 2018 living up to the expectation achieved a breakthrough and invented the effective and safe Cosmetic Surgery Equivalent Mask.The Cosmetic Surgery Equivalent Mask effectively conceal the nose shape,protrude or hollow cheeks,reduce the appearance of the smile folds,lip shape,concave lip,jawline,V-shape face,firmly tighten the face,reduce double chin,forehead wrinkles,filling up the hollow temple,open up the window to the soul,the eye by lifting the eyelids,reduce the wrinkles and eyebag.

微型美的领域特丽美创立于1997,拥有23年的市场经营经验,2018年更不负众望,隆重推出 破解医美打针领域,不休精神寻找不打针,不开刀,零风险-微型美的领域,执着精神突破了有效又安全的自然微整型美面膜!自然微整型美面膜有效于修饰鼻型,凸,凹萍果肌,浅化法令纹,唇型,凸唇珠,下巴尖,V型脸,结实提升脸蛋,消减双下巴,填补凹陷太阳穴,浅化抬头纹,开取心灵之窗-拉提上眼皮,浅化眼旁皱纹,顶效消减眼袋!

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