Bentong Hospital is one of the 11 hospitals in the state of Pahang. Began operating in the 1920s. Bentong District has a population of approximately 119,000 people.

Outpatient department was opened by HRH the Sultan of Pahang on 30 June 1966 and it covers an area of 7.8 acres. Led by Dr Lunar Bin Ghazali.

Bentong Hospital is committed to providing the best service and high quality to all clients / patients. It is in line with the motto of the Ministry of Health.

Founded in Bentong city center. The hospital has achieved numerous awards and achievements. Among Quality Award Winners Chief Secretary (AKKSN) 2nd place in 2005, was nominated as Prime Minister Quality Award Finalist 2005 Finalist candidate for the United Nations Public Service Award 2006 Finalist Innovation Award and the Commonwealth (CAPAM) in 2006.

The main services Bentong Hospital are: –

  1. Emergency Treatment
  2. Outpatient
  3. Treatment Inpatient
  4. Treatment of Psychiatric and Mental Health Services
  5. Non-Clinical & Clinical Support