Herbal Healing Centre was founded in 2007 and located at Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. Using the unique and powerful knowledge of TCM practices, our centre offers a wide range of treatments, therapies and medication to assess, medicate and avoid illnesses. We offer Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture and Tuina therapeutic massage.

The characteristics of Chinese Medicine are always emphasised in our healing centre. Therefore, patients are mainly treated with traditional therapies, but are also supplemented with modern diagnostic methods. Rich experiences in developing effective therapies including acupuncture and herbal therapies have been accumulated in the treatments about 70% of all diseases or conditions of the human beings.

Besides, Herbal Healing Centre also has become an important window of international medical exchange. Each year some visitors from other countries visit to our centre for medical treatments. At present, we have patients from Singapore, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and Japan undergoing herbal therapies at our healing centre. All these achievements enable us to enter into a new stage in its development. We are working by our sincere heart to make our contribution advantageous to improve the health of people and to promote the development of Traditional Chinese Medicines.

绿林中医联合诊所创办于2007年,位于马来西亚雪兰莪州史里肯邦安区(SERI KEMBANGAN,SELANGOR),是一家专注于预防医学及传统中医服务的中医诊所。

绿林中医联合诊所当年成立的主要概念是要把正确的健康意识传送到社会人群中,以提升大家健康暨保健的知识,让更多更多的人 可以抽出多一点的时间,关照自己的身心健康,好好的疼爱自己,让自己免于受到疾病缠身的痛苦,同时让大家尽早远离疾 病,达到无病延寿的作用。


在药物方面,所采用的中药都是经过严格筛选,获得马来西亚、台湾及中国卫生部批准安全使用的中药,以确保所有的中成药都处在安全的水平(无农药、塑化剂、重金属或危险成份),让患者可以100% 放心服用。

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