B. Sc. (Hons.) U.K.M.

Doctor in Chiropractic (cum laude), Sherman College of Chiropractic, South Carolina. USA.

Dr. Chew Cheng Eak graduated with cum laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic, Boling Springs, South Carolina, a leading institution for Chiropractic education in SE region. He did his undergraduate in Malaysia and earned a degree in Bachelor of Science (with honors); and has also obtained a Master in Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Throughout his past working experienced, Dr. Chew has learned that many people suffer from various kind of diseases/conditions, especially those related to musculoskeletal problems, such as upper and lower back pain; often drugs treatment may not always be the answer; treatments such as chiropractic on the other hand is able to alleviate and/or provide the mitigation to the discomforts and ailments. That’s why he has embarked on this profession to offer helps.

He truly believes that good health is more than the notion of having excellence body’s physical size, ability to run faster or carry heavy loads. Good health is about having no nerve interference, properly aligned spine and balance body structured. Indeed, good health is the foundation to a strong, happier and healthy relationship, between husband and wife, parents and children, employees & employers!

Dr. Chew believes in providing the finest and quality care to his patients, and assured that with his years of training he received in Sherman College and others clinics, on top of various chiropractic equipment prepared at Chew Spinecare & Wellness Clinic, patients will surely received the genuine and thorough concerns and cares they required.

Dr. Chew in his spare times actively involved in church and volunteering activities.


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