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Hannan Medispa is considered as most leading business in aesthetic industry in Malaysia. Hannan medispa now has 53 branches throughout Malaysia, including the head office in the Kuala Lumpur. Established with the core objective to make the world a…

国际医美养生机构 (柔佛峇株巴辖富贵城)

Bright24 Aesthetics & Wellness Group, which established in year 2005 with adopted the technique of western aesthetics and the essence of cytology skin care, integrating with Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Health. We are cooperation with…


DermaK 专业护肤程序(Professional Skincare System)是由生物制药集团 Dermasthetic Inc.和 Apex Cosmeceutical 开发。这项产品是由缩氨和脱氧核糖核酸(DNA)组成,能针对不同肌肤的需要给予特效護膚。

At Herbaline Wellness Group, we aspire to offer a unique and holistic wellness experience based on the ‘Eat Well; Look Well; Live Well’ principle via 3 primary brands. From the Facial Spa and Therapeutic Massage by Herbaline Facial Spa,…